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I have over 20 years experience helping people find and purchase West Seattle townhouses, and I live right here in West Seattle. Buying a townhouse is a big step for most people. Here are just a few of the many questions I have heard recently:

How are West Seattle townhouses different from regular houses?
Townhouses and regular houses have many aspects in common, but also many differences:

  • The land that the townhouse sits on is owned solely by the same party that owns the townhouse, just like with houses (typically).
  • There are no other separately owned structures above or below the townhouse that are owned by others, like with condos (typically).
  • Side yards, rear and front yards are often nearly non-existent because the city zoning for townhouses allows for very minimal set-backs.
  • Townhouses oftentimes share walls with other units, though not floors or ceilings (like with condos).
  • Occasionally there are some common areas, such as walkways, but no interior common areas like entryways or rec areas are shared, such as with condos.
  • There are sometimes HOA (Home Owner's Association) fees for some common areas, such as landscaping maintenance, but most townhouses built recently have no HOA fees.

What specifically do I need to know about West Seattle townhouses?
Townhouses in West Seattle tend to be fairly new or brand new. This leads to it being more likely that there are no HOA fees, because that is more common now. One important item of consideration is repairs. If there is no language in the townhouse documents or joint use or HOA documents that explains how repairs are handled, then it will be up to the existing owners to decide and come to agreement on how these will be done. If the unit is fairly new, then perhaps it will be many years before anything needs to be done, but one never knows for sure. What do you wish to know about West Seattle townhouses?

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How do townhouses hold up as an investment?
Townhouses in West Seattle have been appreciating very well. In fact, townhouses that I sold just a few years ago have nearly doubled in value. Of course, all properties have substantially increased here in recent years, which has also made townhouses more expensive. Also, rents are high, which means they "cash flow" fairly well. And construction standards have been good recently, and siding and roofing materials last much longer than in the past; so that is a positive aspect for the long term as well. What are your long term and short term plans?

Do you only sell West Seattle townhouses?
The West Seattle area is where I live. I love it here and it is where I have my family. But I am quite familiar with most Seattle neighborhoods, and I am happy to help my clients in those areas too - Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia, South Seattle, Madrona, Ravenna, and Burien for example. And by the way, I also serve my client's needs for condos, houses, and other real estate properties. Where do you want to live?

Why are townhouses so modern looking?
Everything in real estate is a trend. The move towards interior open spaces has been evolving for several years, and this has led to the exterior lines being simpler and more square, which allows for more square footage on the interior. In the recent past, "Craftsman" looking townhouses were popular. What home styles do you prefer?

What is your level of experience with townhouses?
Because I've been selling West Seattle townhouses and other properties for over 20 years, I have pretty much seen it all. There are many specific details about townhouses that I will gladly share with you. This involves negotiation, construction, HOA, long term ownership, and many other aspects. Have you purchased a townhouse or other property before, or will this be your first one?

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"Brent was amazing! We were first time home buyers entering a red-hot Seattle market, and Brent helped us navigate a complicated landscape with lots of competition. We ended up getting a beautiful townhouse in a great neighborhood - under budget! " Mike and Jenny read full review


How do I start seeing townhouses for sale? Do you show them to me?
Just email me or call me (my contact info is lower on the page) and we'll talk about exactly what you're looking for and discuss your home "wish list" in detail. Once I learn what you wish to find in a townhouse or regular house, I will then email the listings to you. As we look at places, I'll offer you my insights regarding the quality of the construction and overall value. How soon shall we talk about your "wish list"?

On a new townhouse, should I still get a home inspection?
The short answer is yes. In most cases, if a townhouse is brand new, it is probably built quite well. But it pays to be sure, and the only way to be certain is to hire a home inspector. This generally costs anywhere from $400 to $500. The inspector will look at the roof, plumbing, electrical system, crawlspaces, attics, among many other things. It is no fun finding out after the townhouse is purchased that costly repairs are needed. Sewer inspections are also advisable to obtain. This will involve hiring a sewer inspector (for about $250), and they will take a video of the inside of the sewer. Most new townhouses will have a new sewer, but it is best to check it out thoroughly.

There is a great deal more to this issue of home inspections. I will show you how to make them work to your advantage, and my experience in countless inspections and negotiations will be to your advantage. I will gladly recommend some superb inspectors, or you can research and find your own. It is completely your choice. I want you to get a great home that is in great shape.

Hooray! When do I get the keys?
Usually the buyer gets the keys immediately after the deed is recorded at the county recorder's office, which is oftentimes around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. I will meet you at your new townhouse to hand you the keys! This is the most fun part of my job :-) 

What is the next step?
I encourage you to contact me. There is no obligation, and I would love to fully elaborate on all the above and any other questions you may have. When do you want to begin?

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"Given that this was our first time buying a home, we are shocked at how pleasant and easy the process was. We credit all of that to Brent!"
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