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A specialty of mine is working with family members and heirs of Seattle probate/estate homes, condos, and property. I have been involved in many Seattle and West Seattle probate/estate home sale transactions. With homes that have been willed to and inherited by those from an estate, there are many issues to consider, and every situation is unique. Wills, trusts, probate, attorneys, and all the details that need to be tended to. Of course, the sale of a loved one's home can be emotional. I am sensitive to these emotions, issues, and the needs of family members.

My Seller Services

Get the Most Money for Your Estate

I want you to get the most money possible for the home. This is my primary goal. As your listing agent, I will put together a detailed market analysis for you, which will explain what the highest price is that you can expect in today's market. There is no cost to you or to the estate, and there is no obligation. It will state what you should be able to receive for the home by selling it in "as-is" condition. I will also state in the analysis a higher price that may be attainable if you choose to "spruce it up" a bit.

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Estate Home Legal Matters

There are often times legal matters to take care of, if you haven't done so already. Probate costs, attorneys, trusts, wills and other legal matters, to name just a few. I can help you with this if you wish. I would be happy to recommend a few excellent estate, probate, will, family, and trust attorneys. They can best advise you on whether you still need to go through the formal probate process, if that is needed, or use some other method.

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Preparing the Estate Home for Sale

Personal items are often times in need of finding a new home, and I can put you in contact with a few companies that specialize in those services as well.

Preparing the home for sale can be daunting, depending on whether the home has been kept in good shape. Perhaps it could use some cleaning, and/or repair. As mentioned above, I will offer suggestions on how to best "make it shine" for very little cost. Or you can choose to do nothing if you wish, and just sell it "as-is". It is completely up to you.

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"Brent ...met with me several times and told me exactly what I had to do to sell Dads home quickly and the things that attract a buyer and sells a home quickly. ...Brent was so nice and very caring the entire time. I wish I had more homes and Brent to work with me from the results. ...sold in two days and is finished. ...now I have peace and Brent I thank-you...." Dianne read full review


My Promise To You

I promise to work hard for you and all the heirs to the estate, and will obtain for you and the estate the highest possible price.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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