Search for Homes With a Polygon

Draw a Polygon Shape to Search
One of the best, most accurate, and fun ways to search for homes is by using the Polygon Shape Tool. Using this handy tool and your mouse, you can draw a shape around the area you wish to search.

Just 3 Easy Steps
For computers and laptops (but not for smartphones), follow these 3 easy steps...

  1. First click on the Interactive Map (after arriving at a search results page).
  2. Then click on the Polygon Shape Tool. (See the next image below this one.)
  3. Save Your Search. Name it anything you wish - to remind you what the search is for.
    Save as many searches as you wish.

Below Image 
Draw a polygon shape by clicking where you want your search to be. Don't hold the mouse button down, just click where you wish to have the corners of the polygon shape. When you are done, it must be a completely enclosed shape, not open on one end.
See below...

Complete Your Shape - Then Search
When you draw a completed polygon, or adjust its shape, the results on the left will be immediately updated. Then make sure to Save Your Search so that you can go back to it later, and get updated results. Of course, drawing a larger polygon will give you more results. Start your home search by clicking on the blue button below, and then start drawing your polygon shape to search for homes!

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Where to Use
You can use this method to search for real estate anywhere in the northwest, not just West Seattle.

Note About Smart Phones and Tablets
But if you are using a smart phone or tablet, you will not use the polygon shape method. Instead, you will click on Refine Your Search, and use the Drop-Down List to select your search areas. Then click the Search button and Save your search.

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