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I will be pleased to create for you a Free Market Analysis on your home at your convenience. There is no obligation and it is absolutely free. This will be an extremely accurate valuation of your home that I will prepare for you.

A Complete Market Analysis researched and prepared by an actual person is always more accurate than one done instantly and online by a computer. This is because computers actually have very little information about your home, other than the basics like square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, and such.

This will be the same type of report that appraisers use, and will include all recent sales information of homes that are similar to yours and that are in your neighborhood.

I have many years of experience valuing homes here in West Seattle, and I would love to create an accurate Home Valuation for you. It will state what your home could sell for in today's real estate market.

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How I Will Start
I will begin by gathering some information about your home over the phone or email and through various online sources, and will then visit your home to get a general sense of the particulars so that my valuation can be very accurate. Then, as mentioned above, I will search the database for recent sales of similar homes in your area that have recently sold. Once I gather that information, I will make adjustments for any differences the homes may have compared to yours. After those adjustments are made, then I will be near completion of your Home Market Analysis.

There is a lot that goes into the Home Valuation, but that is the basic process. It is a mix of art and data because every home is unique, and values of various amenities need to be determined. This is just one of many reasons why instant online computer valuations are never accurate, and why valuations prepared by a human being are always the best.

Once I have it completed, it will be ready for you to view. We'll talk about the value of your home, and also about how the value may be increased so that it could sell for its highest possible amount.

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Living and working right here in wonderful West Seattle, and serving the needs of those who also love our part of town... this is what I do everyday. 

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