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Brent Fosso - West Seattle Realtor

Helping sellers and buyers here in West Seattle has been my focus for over 20 years. I love living here; our area has so much to offer. I enjoy the diverse home styles we have - from historic and charming to new and modern.

After helping hundreds of my seller and buyer clients, I would love to help you achieve your real estate goals too.


Local Knowledge

As a West Seattle Realtor with John L. Scott, I know our local market, from Genesee to North Admiral, from Fauntleroy to Alki, from Highland Park to Arbor Heights. Every neighborhood has its own advantages and unique charm. There are over 20 individual neighborhoods in West Seattle, and prices can vary significantly. So knowing each neighborhoods' market is critical to determining and recognizing value.


The Beginning

After my formal education, and during a warm August, I helped a nice couple purchase their first home here in West Seattle. It had recently been remodeled, and was beautiful inside and out. They were excited about their house and all their future plans.

Helping that first couple clinched it for me. It gave me great satisfaction and joy to see the buyers so happy about their new home, and that I had helped them.


My Background

I have personally owned, remodeled, and sold many homes. This has given me a great deal of knowledge about home remodeling, new construction, hiring contractors, scheduling, finance, and all the various aspects involved. And by having this extensive experience, it can greatly benefit my clients.

As a child, I was often involved in various home remodeling projects with my father. He wore a suit and tie to work, but on the weekends he enjoyed working with his hands. He taught me the basics of building. How to saw a board straight, pound nails without bending them, measure accurately, and the importance of always keeping in mind the finer points of how you want the finished project to look and function.

Team Effort

Ann Fleck - West Seattle Realtor

Ann Fleck is also a Realtor with John L. Scott, and is a part of my team. Ann brings additional insight into what can make a home a special place, and how that is balanced with today's lifestyles and expectations.

Ann has decades of experience in home staging, home design, kitchen layout, home improvements, art and architecture. She adds valuable perspective to what makes a truly great home.


Other Areas

Although I specialize in West Seattle, I am also very familiar with other areas, such as Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Ravenna, Madrona, Leschi, Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, and many more.

West Seattle

My wife and I, our two daughters (and little dog) live near the Alaska Junction in West Seattle, and love being able to walk to restaurants, just stroll through the neighborhood, or visit Alki Beach.

Living and working right here, and serving the real estate needs of those who also love our part of town... this is what I enjoy and do everyday.

I can help you achieve your real estate goals. Let's talk.

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My wife and I had an absolutely excellent experience selling our house with Brent.

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