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Here you will find answers and advice for West Seattle home purchase and sales. Some of this can, of course, also be applied to other areas around Seattle as well, and is good information for both Buyers and Sellers.

This is a brand new section on my website, and I am working on writing more (as time permits). Please check back soon for more tips and advice.

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West Seattle Low Inventory of Homes For Sale
There is currently very low inventory here in West Seattle. Here I discuss the current state of the market, and offer strategies for buyers that will lead to the successful purchase of a home. Zero in with your search and get the home you want.

West Seattle Bidding Wars
It seems everyone is talking about the crazy market nowadays and all the homes that are getting bid up way over the asking price. I will shed a little light on the truth and show good reason why buyers can be optimistic about finding and purchasing a home.

West Seattle Buyer Pool
If not a place to swim, then what is a "Buyer Pool"? Real estate markets here in our local area can fluctuate from week to week, and this can be the result of the current buyer pool. The size of the pool is determined by how many serious buyers are currently looking. Learn how it works and how to navigate it in our current real estate market.

Delayed Offer Review Explained
This is oftentimes strange news to buyers. When sellers don't want to look at offers until after their home has been on the market for several days, then this is called a Delayed Offer Review. It is a strategy that usually benefits sellers, but sometimes backfires. Learn the ins and outs, and how to use it to your advantage.
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